czwartek, 5 maja 2016


“You would come in [to Rumtek Monastery], you would see H.H. the 16 KARMAPA. 

You would see a man who could laugh so that you could hear it five houses away. You’d see a house of power, something you’d never seen before. If he were here now, everybody would gradually vibrate against the walls. I promise you that, just from his power. I’ve never seen anybody like him. I’ve seen all the high Rinpoches, all the Holinesses, but I’ve never seen anybody like him – nobody with his power, nobody with his blessing, nobody with his energy, that I’ve never seen.”
– Lama Ole Nydahl, 30 March 1996 at the International Karma Kagyu Conference, New Delhi

Tomorrow there is 33 Birthday of 17 Karmapa. So, my Dearest Son of the Budda, let's celebrate this in that way
:)  <3 

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