niedziela, 1 maja 2016


'The Great Seal is without any limitations. Its basis is space, the buddha nature of every sentient being, mind’s inborn and limitless awareness. Its path is the awakening of devotion and use of the conscious power contained in body, speech, and mind. And its goal is timeless spaceawareness— fearless, joyful, and compassionate. Experiencer, object experienced, and experience here become one, and whatever happens or doesn’t happen is mind´s free play.'Lama Ole Nydahl

What do you think about This my most precious son of the Buddha????
Sounds good, extremely good or ecstatically 
Isn't it the absolutely best information You have ever heard in Your life ????
So think about it as often as you can in the comming future, cause time goes by so very very quickly......

And ALWAYS remember:
"Everything is the art of what's possible, and what we want."Lama Ole Nydahl

So what do You want my So Special Everythig..... what do YOU want ?.......

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