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thank You thank You thank You thank You

There are 2 important Letters one from 16-th and one from 17-th Karmapa which I want You to know.

A letter of the 17th Karmapa. I know it works like that for You and this is the way You act.

And this is the letter from 16-th Karmapa. 

It means that Karmapa likes Gdańsk not only in this life, but also in his previous life.

Dharma People live in the Gdańsk Center are among the best and closest students of Lama Ole. There is such a deep and big Friendship here, really incredable and so strong, that nobody's ignorance and nobody's power can destroy it. We know that this is most important vaule for the Lama and to us: "Friendship, friendship, friendship. This is the way of success in our Diamond Way Buddhist centers. Always talk to each other, not about each other." And this is exactly what happens there and the way Sanga People act. That's why the Transmission of our so precious Diamond Way is present here in every square inch of this incredable place. My heart is always there. Always was and Always will be.

And You know why I write all this to You.... Because "how it really is knows only You and only me, and All the Buddas" (Lama Czeczu Rinpocze)

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